Switching to F1 and later to H1 after L1 expiry is possible?


Please help me with your valuable answers to get out of this dilemma.

I am currently in US with L1 status and 4 years already have been completed and my visa will be expiring in 2017 Feb.
I want to continue in US and for that I’m thinking of pursuing an MS program. So planning to join soon and then to switch to F1 once my L1 expires.
And after spending some time on F1, planning to switch to OPT or H1.

–But if I do this way, will it work?
–I heard that L1 + H1 = 6 years rule is there, but will that be applicable for L1+F1 or L1+OPT as well?
–So the only way to get out of it is to stay out of US for 1 year?

Please help… Thanks.

You will be subject to 6 year cap and L-1 time period will be added to the same. The only way to reset the clock in your case is to physically stay outside of US for 1 year.

Thanks a ton for answering to my query. So can I do this way: Join the MS program till L1 expires, then take a break for 1 year and then get F1 and come back and resume the program? Thanks

Yes, if the school allows you to take a break in b/w, you can do that. Once you complete your studies, you can go through H-1 cap and be eligible for fresh 6 year term.

When on H-1, you can avail extensions beyond 6th year if your green card is pending and has reached a certain stage. However, you have already completed 4 years on L-1 and H-1 is not a given. So this is less probable option for now.