Switch Job in india while new H1 B visa in process.

I am currently working in company A, and have given the experence letter of company A(i.e Joining letter and appriasal letter) for filiing h1 b petation to a company B(Consulting company). Now since its taking long time for the approval can i shift to another company from A to company C and leave that company once the visa is approved and if visa is not approved then i can stay in company C.Since company C is giving me a good hike.

so even if visa is not approved i am at safe place.

Yes, this can be done. Carry updated resume when appearing for visa interview. Also, when you complete DS-160 form for your visa stamping, use the most up to date information regarding your employment.

I have submitted the documents of company A with the petation, and while going for stamping if i show the details of company C andd if they ask that you have just changed a company (A- C) what are the chances you will stick to the company(B ) in USA for which LCA is filed,Will it cause an issue in getting the Visa. I have already got an RFE, so a bit concern with this step