Surname mismatch on passport and education certificates

Hi Team,

I have new Indian passport (which is recently re-issued to me) in which my Given name entered is “Rohit Suresh”>>>Suresh being my fathers name. And Surname is “Nanday”.

Old passport was with Rohit(Given name) Nande(Surname).

My Education Certificates(till B.E) are with name “Rohit” , fathers name “Suresh” and Surname “Nande”.

I want to file my H1B this year. Will there be any issues with Surname and given name as in passport and education certificates?

All my other documents like Pan Card and Driving license are with Rohit Suresh Nanday. I have notarized affidavit copy of both Surnames(Old surname-Nande, New surname-Nanday).

Kindly assist as early as possible.



That must not be a Problem…

Your passport name will be used in all immigration documents. As long as that is the correct name, you should be fine.