Surname blank in my passport, what goes into Surname in DS160?


My passport (Indian) has surname blank and given name as “SHETTY SUDESH”

What should I input in SURNAME field in DS160 form (B1 Visa)?

Is it just FNU or SHETTY-FNU or something?

Dear Anubhuthi,

Advise of then VFS in such cases which are common among South Indians was

Put given name as Surname in DS 160 and First Name as FNU. i.e.

Surname - Shetty Sudesh

Given Name - FNU

I followed the same procedure in the new system also and there was no problem. This is because DS 160 form has provision for First Name Unavailable but no provision for Last Name Unavailable. See the guidance on Right hand side while filling ds 160.

You may also try talking to call centre. My experience in some cases was- different persons give different answer to same question if you call at different times.

My suggestion is put Surname as Shetty Sudesh & Given Name as FNU

Visa will be issused as per passport.

This is my personal opinion