Suggestion needed urgently-Complaint to the USCIS

Dear Saurabh,

I am soon going for my Visa Interview (H1B).  But I am very apprehensive about my employer as for past one year He has  cheated me a lot by providing me:

1. False LCA
2. Fake/someone else's I-797 receipt notice number
3. Fake project report (an old project of some other company on his own company's letter head).
4.  He has also charged 12,000 US  Dollars through his company's India office.

I would like you to advice me the best approach to lodge a complaint as I have three options available:
1. Go for interview & if something goes wrong then tell/ give all the evidence to the visa officer.
2. Go for the interview & if  visa granted then go to US join the company and look for another willing employer & apply for for transfer then Lodge a complaint with the USCIS there in US itself.
3. Forget about the interview and try and lodge a complaint to the USCIS from India itself.

I am a bit keen to go for the interview and procced according to option 1 or to depending on the  interview outcome as I have waited & suffered all along for more than an year. [b]Please suggest soon[/b].


I don’t think this forum is the right place to ask for legal advice you might be better off talking to an attorney. Just rethink your option 1 - If you let out the information after something goes wrong the “Officer could consider that yours was a case of willful misrepresentation of facts” and make you ineligible for any sort of future US Visa.

See my response in the blog. I agree w/ Vicky’s suggestion to check w/ immigration lawyer and definitely not go w/ option #1.