Study on Animation field on 10th class certificate

Hi Sir, My name is Mahaboob. I am 31 year old. I completed my 10th in 2001. After that i could not complete my 12th because of family problems and i did not have their support to complete it at that time. After that i had learned courses in Animation(Maya, VFX etc). I have teaching experience in these courses. Now i would like to settle in abroad and enhance my career there. What options i may have to settle in abroad. I would like to study and get job there itself in abroad. I literally neew you help and suggestions sir. Please help me. I am very worried as i am not able to decide and also not able to find source to study/work in abroad.

In regards to USA, you will need to have completed 12th which will be equal to the GED here. Then you will need to take a SAT or ACT test to apply for universities here in USA.

You can still complete your 11th/12th, your age should not be an obstacle.