Stuck in 221g trap - Is H1B Amendment required


I am currently stuck in 221g trap. I am currently on H1B Visa with I 140 approved. I changed my client say from Client A to Client B in month of June 2016. As my new client was less than 50 miles distance from old client, I/My Employer did not file H1B Amendment. We did file LCA for my new client

I had to travel to India due to Family emergency and went for Visa Stamping. Was issued 221g White Slip asking me to submit Client Letter. As per their policy, client do not provide end client letter to consultants.

I have submitted Letter from client stating the reason of not able to provide client letter to contractors, Work order, Organizational chart, Badge etc. It’s been more than 7 weeks now but have not heard any update from US consulate.

My query here, Can I file H1B Amendment for my current client now through premium? What can be done to get the Visa stamped. Your guidance is highly appreciated.