Stuck between devil and deep sea, What to do?


i had 2 offer from us clients and they were ready to process my h1b.

Company A offered my 80k (verbal) as this was my old contract co. and company B offered my 75, i went with company A as it was good in respect of B as well as i was working for them for quite some time.

Once the h1b approval came company A sent me an offer letter of 65k which was way below of what they had commited.

Now company A has refused to agree on what they had confirmed and even they are asking to sign more contract which i refused and after that they are not receiving my call and mails.

Now please tell me what options i have even i do not have approval letter but i know that aproval has come.


If your H1 is approved, go to Company B get H1 transfered… or find another employer and get h1 transfered.

but ramanan i dont have approval letter with me, is that still posible?

Please let me know if you are dead sure.


just the number would do i believe…u wil get it soon wait…

How to get number as i have no contacts with Company A? Is it necessary for employer or USCIS to send number to candidate? or is there any alternate ay to get it?