Structural Engineer with MS from USA, looking for H1B sponsor ?

My brother is in India but completed MS in Structural Engg from University of Kentucky in 2009. Looking for an H1B sponsorship currently. Is there a chance for him to get a sponsor ?

As he is in India, most companies hesitate as he will only start to work for them from Oct 1st. They will not be willing to wait. Generally it is in only IT where you can find some IT consultancies who apply H1 for IT professionals and are ready to wait till Oct 1st.

If he is looking in Struct. Engg field, he needs to already have a job in order to make it for this season. Finding a job and then the employer applying for his H1B might need atleast take a week (LCA) and half , within which the entire quota is currently forecasted to be filled.

Anyway, there is nothing wrong in trying all possible options as the quota has not been filled yet.