Still awaiting feedback from USCIS on H1B 2024 cap application

What is the response time for USCIS to complete 2024 H1B application selected during the lottery?
my application was selected in this years 2024 CAP season. Application was submitted in Late June, but before the 30 june deadline. I am still awaiting any reply or response from USCIS. In the meantime USCIS has now conducted 2nd lottery. Will this have any bearing on my application which was selected in 1st round and submited on time? quite concerned as to when will we get any reply from USCIS or if my application is going to be successfull.

Normally should be processed and approved within 90 days as the H1B will start 1st October. You may upgrade to premium processing if not already done.

Thanks. Will they adjudicate before 1st Oct for certain? or they can take a longer time…

Should be approved before 1st October.

Kalpesh, thanks - i did receive my approval
Have another question for you. Am I able to transfer my h1B to another employer, should I get a better offer. If i transfer almost immidietaly, will uscis have any issue in transfering?

Yes you can.

No issues as far as the job is similar role/occupation.

Thanks. below is the scenario that is now spanning out.

  • I got selected in 2024 H1B lottery 1st round. My employer did submit the application and my new h1B visa is approved and issued.

  • Now I am on my new employer’s payroll now. I am getting paid.

  • I have been finalized by another employer and I am expecting a Job Offer letter from them. The role is very similar job profile.

  • Our concern is:

    • will we face any issue with USCIS for requesting a transfer so fast? by the time this new employer will submit the H1B transfer it will be 30th Nov. It certainly is a better paying and better role that I am being offered.

    • I am simultaneously interviewing with a few other companies as well. In case I get an even better offer can I put in transfer again? Again there is always some uniqueness to the organization and role specs - but all within the same industry and same function.

can I be jumping ships so fast…will USCIS have any issues.

  • will USCIS have issue if I have transferred across multiple employers over a short period of time?