Stem opt to cap exempt H1, Work?


I am currently working in non-profit organization and steam opt ending on June 30th 2020. They are filing H1B soon but unfortunately premium processing suspended for all H1B application due to coronavirus.

  1. Can i get cap-gap extension?
  2. Can i work on H1 receipt?
  3. If both no then what is my option to continue work or stay in USA?


  1. yes, you can as long as they file before expiry and your H1B is pending.
  2. Yes, until it is pending or approved…( not after Sep 30th)
    You are fine with above, read

Hi Kumar,

I heard if you file cap-exempt h1 then you won’t get cap-gap extension. Only lottery people get cap-gap.

is it correct?


Very likely, the reason is there is no need to wait until October 1st for the cap exempt H1B to work right…Check with USCIS, I am not fully aware of this.
I missed to see the cap exempt in title, so answered for general cases.
Double check with USCIS or an attorney.