STEM OPT - H1B RFE of non immigrant status

I got Below RFE. Can anyone explain me what to submit. USCIS is asking for only my STEM training details and Pay stubs of my STEM OPT right ?

No, they are asking for a LOT of things. Read the second page, they clearly are giving you what you need to submit. Your training plan, your proof that there is employer employee relationship, location details, etc. It is pretty clear, submit all of them. If you are not sure, how to work with it, engage with an attorney.

Hey can please update the thread with list of documents requested or send me an email at The reason I am asking because even I got a RFE regarding maintenance of status. My employer is not sharing the RFE document and just asking me for i983. I want to make sure I am submitting all documents from my side since this is my last chance.

It Completely based on your visa status. For me they asked
Query name :non immigrant status slips from initial opt to present stem.
2. Stem training plan
3. List of employer beneficiary worked .
4. Beneficiary is working at client location but dhs records show that employer location then how you are giving training to beneficiary
5.Employer employee relationship
6. I-983 Form.

Thanks for the update. Even I am on the same boat. Currently on STEM OPT.