STEM OPT Extension

Hello Everyone, This is my First Post in the community.

I travelled to USA in 2014 January for my Masters and I completed my Masters in 2015 December. I started My PhD in January 2016 and i completed my PhD in 2020 January. i Worked as Post-Doctoral Researcher during my STEM OPT and currently i am in OPT extension. My Extension will end on December 31 2022. I am working as scientist for a company. I travelled to INDIA last week for my Marriage. My wife was under H1B visa and she has her I-140 valid until 2024. i have questions regarding my VISA interview.

  1. If the Officer ask me about my purpose of my travel, is it okay if i say i came for my Marriage or can i say i came to visit my parents.

  2. i haven’t travelled to India since 2014. This is my first time travel. if the officer ask me about why i haven’t visited India from the past 7 years, can i say that i have been actively involved in the research and therefore i didn’t have any chance to visit.

Looking forward for the responses

Answer all questions truthfully.

Again, give the true reason which seems like your continuity in education and then OPT job.