Stem OPT extension denied


I’m currently working on OPT and in April-2016 I have filed for my 17-month STEM extension. In accordance with the new 24 month STEM OPT extension rules, which came into effect since MAy-2016 after I filed my petition, I received a RFE from USCIS asking me to submit I983 with a deadline to submit the needed documents by 14-October-2016. While I’m still working on it; waiting for the new I20 from my school, I received a notification from school’s PDSO that the new I20 cannot be generated since my SEVIS record shows the status as “complete” as the USCIS denied my STEM OPT extension. Upon contacting my school DSO in this regard, the officer requested me to contact USCIS customer center on this and told me that this is an “error” on the USCIS’ end and should be corrected by them. I contacted USCIS, they’re asking me for my denial letter but I haven’t received neither did my school.

While I’m still working with USCIS on this, I’m currently overwhelmed by this response from USCIS, I’m clueless as to what would be an appropriate and effective course of action would be as my deadline to respond to my RFE is ending soon on 14-October-2016.

Also, should I contact my employer’s attorney on this? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


It is better to get your employer’s attorney involved in this. If you have not received denial letter from USCIS, maybe include print out of SEVIS record showing it as completed due to OPT extension denial.