Stem opt denial

Hello Everyone,

If anyone can help me with my situation, that would be helpful.
I was on my initial OPT which expires on May 1st, 2023 and applied for STEM OPT on Feb 6th and no mistake. I got Denial letter from USCIS on 31st march and the reason was that my course doesn’t come in STEM course for your information 11.1005 Information Technology Project Management. On 4th April I have got email from university saying that from today onwards you can’t work and your SEVIS has been terminated from SEVP guys.
Now I have left 3 option:
1st Option:
Take new admission, go back to India and take new interview and then come back.
2nd option:
Take I-20 go to the border and then come back sounds very risky after your status is terminated.
3rd Option:
Take admission and start studying and apply for reinstatement of status and wait for the decision, If USCIS approved then I will be status again and if I get denial decision after 180 days then I will be banned for 3 years because it will count has illegal status and if more than 1 year then ban for 10 years.(Reinstatement of status can take anywhere from 9 months to 1.5 years)
I came up with 4th option that to appeal again my case and wait for the decision if it approved then good or if it’s denied then I have to leave the country.

What are your thoughts I should do or do you know any other solution for this situation then do let em know.