STEM OPT Application

I have applied STEM OPT through online. How long it take time to usually comapare to mail. Is that online application fast? and during online application they needed general documents. i have confused why it not required Job offer letter?

The processing time for OPT EAD applications is within 90 days of submission.

If you applied for post completion EAD (one year validity) then you dont need to specify the employer and their e-verify number in the I-765. If you filed STEM OPT extension (two years validity) then the employer name and e-verify number is to be mentioned in the I-765 as well as I-20.

There is no need for employment offer letter as you already provide I-983 that is signed by the STEM OPT employer.

Yes but i did not submit i983 form in uscis application. It was submitted in college DSO for New Stem I20. Will uscis will send RFE ? Because during Mail the job offer letter would require.

Yes, I-983 is submitted to DSO and is entered in the SEVIS portal. USCIS officer processing your STEM OPT EAD will have access to the I-983 form.

I don’t think so.

And what is the Unsolicited Evidence document in myUSCIS account at the bottom of page, do we need to submit any document ? and what does it mean by Bona fide employer-employee relationship ? because when i read some requirement of STEM OPT USCIS clearly mentioned without bona fide they will not approve.

Work with your DSO, they will guide you.