Stem opt 24 month Extension- I 797 receipt notice

I applied for my opt Extension April 13th,2017 and it was received by USCIS on April 14th,2017. I received a text message from USCIS about my case receipt number on April 20th,2017. The message also read ‘Official Receipt Notice (Form I-797) to follow in mail. I still have not received my receipt notice by mail. When i track my case on USCIS website it says to contact them after May 14th if i did not receive the mail before that. I do have my receipt number but no receipt notice by mail. Is there anything i should do now?Please help me out. Your inputs are much appreciated. Thanks!

Only your attorney, assuming that is who filed your petition, can answer this question. You can try your luck contacting the USCIS customer service and providing your receipt number for any inputs.

Thank you very much for responding. I filed the opt extension myself. So i might have to wait till May 14 th and try my luck contacting USCIS. Stressed about it already!

I wouldn’t worry about it. OPT extensions are very straight forward and there shouldn’t be any issues. Considering the fact you received notification from USCIS about the I 797 you should be safe. Could be a simple case of misplaced/lost mail or a delay from USCIS end … Contacting the USCIS rep should most likely answer your question and for this type of correspondance you need not wait until May … worst case they will tell you to reach out in May.

Thank you very much mate! Much Appreciated.

try to reach out USCIS, ask them to re-send receipt notice, receiving notice is a very important because you will receive your EAD card to the same address provided, so it seems something went wrong, give a call to USCIS customer care confirm your address on your G-28, if not ask them to resend it.

Still dint get my notice.I called USCIS and they said they cant check the address on file on phone and I might have to make an infopass appointment to get it verified. Thanks!