STEM extension I94

I have submitted my documents for OPT STEM extension recently with my last i94. Currently, I am travelling out of the USA and now my i94 will be changed when I return back. Is it necessary to submit my I94 again to USCIS?

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Yes, very likely. I suggest you speak to DSO and get clarity, if you can travel. Usually, when you apply for Change of Status, they do not recommend to travel outside as your COS will be abandoned due to change in I-94. Since you are not going for COS, I am not sure, how it works…Check with your DSO and plan accordingly.

Thank you kumar.

I am already in India and going back next week. My school just sent my documents to USCIS. Awaiting for receipt. So what are the chances, can you please suggest me if you or any of your friends faced the same situation.