Stem Extension DENIED


I am F1 OPT Student with STEM MBA. I recently applied for stem extension online(all my classmates submitted via post).
I was denied. All my other classmates got their extension.

What should my next steps be?
What are my chances with providing additional evidence and overturning the decision?
The letter also mention i290B form for the same.

I am currently employed. what happens to my employment status?

Appreciate any guidance or help in this regard.

Reason :
A review of your application, all supporting documents submitted and the Student Exchange Visitor
Information System (SEVIS) indicates that the degree program you completed in Business
Administration and Management is not listed on the STEM Designated Degree Program List.
Therefore, you are ineligible for employment authorization under (c)(3)(i)(C).

Sorry to hear. Did your classmates gained same degree as you? What CIP code and name applies to your degree from the below DHS approved list of STEM extension eligible degrees.

You should immediately hire an immigration lawyer who has experience with STEM OPT cases and submit I290B to reopen the case.

You will need to stop working once your post-completion OPT EAD expires. You have option to enroll in a college program and start your classes or leave the US within 60 days after the OPT EAD expires.

Consult an immigration lawyer asap and follow their advise.