Staying in India for more than 1 year but had H1B stamping till dec 2020

Hi Team,

I was worked in USA from 2018-2019 for close to 1 year in H1B. Then moved to india due to family constrain and have stamping till dec 2020. I had planned to travel USA in May 2020 but due to Covid 19 I didn’t travel so I am unable to apply for extension from India.

I have been working in same company and same client for past 6 year. But I want to travel back to USA by applying H1B cap exemption process since I didn’t exhausted my 6 year H1B quota in USA.

But right now my company stopped the H1B cap exemption process due to Covid 19. Which would be the best way to get extension without any issue and enter into USA? Shall I wait to resume the visa processing in my current company OR look for other company who will process the Visa transfer and cap exemption?

Please advice me the best option.


Can anybody suggest if know about the cap exemption process?