Stayed on L1 and now on H1,how much time if left for six year completion?


I found this site very informative with quick response. Thank you.

I came to US in 2006 Apr on L1 with company A and stayed on L1 until May 2009 and went back to India as my L1 extension decision was delayed and later rejected. While in US i got my H1 - consular processing done through a consultant in 2007 but never used it.

After returning to India in 2009, my company A applied used H1 from consultant to transfer under cap-exempt in Feb 2010 and i came back to US in July 2010 and am working here since then. Please help clarify my total stay in US against H1 limit of six years.

  1. Since i stayed out of US for one year, does my 6 year stay on H1 get counted from Jul 2010.

  2. Is my L1 stay for 3 yrs ( 2006 - 2009) also considered as part of 6 year stay?

  3. How long can i stay on H1 in this scenario?


Based on my understanding, As long as you had ur stay for more then 365 days away form US during ur L1 to H1 trnasition ur stay should have been accounted from Jul-10.

Double check with ur attroney to be on the safer side