status on H1b Petition after client verification unsuccessful

My name is Santosh and one US company filed application for me for 2014-15 year and selected in lottery as well. Unfortunately when I went for interview in October, they issued 221g for client details purpose. After 3 months I came to know that, client verification was not satisfactory and even company filed was also not satisfactory. But status is still Ädminstrative Processing"even after 8 months.

Just wanted to understand, is my petition will be valid or not.? Please address this.

One more company hiring me as I have this valid petition, but dont know is it valid still or not as I have not recieved any mail from US Visa dept or status change.

What is the current online status for your petition? Do you know if they issued NOID to your employer?

Its stil in Ädm. Processing". I am not in touch with them since three months as they said … verification was not that good. as per my understanding only they asked questions and they left.

I am asking status of petition and not status of your visa stamping. Look-up your EAC/WAC # on USCIS site.

Ohh Sorry Saurabh… its as below:


Case Was Approved
On July 21, 2015, we approved your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker

So looks like USCIS hasn’t revoked the petition. So it may still be used for cap-exempt purposes. However, if consulate sends reconsideration recommendation to USCIS who then proceed to revoke the petition, then no future cap-exempt petition can be filed.

So it is important that you change H-1 employers ASAP.

Thank You Saurabh… My new company may start soon may be in 2 weeks time… hopefully they should not revoke that

Thanks again