Status of H1 visa -After converting it to premium


My Employer had filed a H1 visa for me in regular processing category.I received an RFE for it on 6th Sept.It was converted to premium processing on 9/10 Oct.

My attorney has not yet confirmed to me if she has done the premium processing for my application.

Is it possible to know the if its converted to premium by some other means .

My husband is currently in US ,can he call USCIS customer care on my behalf and enquire about the status.

Now my case status online shows Initial Review.Will the USCIS respond within 15 days or they may still take time to respond?

Please let me know .



Since your status shows as intial review it means your petition has been converted to premium else it would have shown RFE response review.

In all probablity you can expect a decision within 15 calender days from the date mentioned on the online tracker.

Good Luck!!

Hi Vicky,
Thanks for the response.The status that I see now is Acceptance and it says 'On October 18, 2012, we received this I129 PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER ’ ,so should I count the 15 days starting from 18th of October?

Please let me know.

Thanks a lot!!!

Thats right - your 15 days start from Oct 18.