Status of Dependents - L1B to H1B change of status

I came to the US on L1B visa which is valid till Jan 2015. This year my company applied for H1B and my H1B is approved with COS effective Oct-1, 2014. I have got an I-94 which is valid till 2017.

Hoever, I -79 document I received form my company does not have I-94 for my dependents. Looks like they have not done the change of ststus for my wife & kids. Can I initiaite a H4 for them, their I-94 from L1B is valid till Jan 2015.

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Yes, you must apply for change of status for your wife & kids without further delay. They are already Out of status for few weeks now… You may consult with a immegration attorney ASAP.