Status change from OPT to H1 visa period

Asking for a friend who has applied to H1 B Visa in USA after MS in Aug/Sep 2014. He might receive the H1 B visa by September/Oct 2015, but his marriage has been planned to be arranged in June 2015 in India. He’s working in a reputed company and they say it might be a risk to leave the country before receiving the H1 visa.

Is it too very risky or if there’s a work around for this which would really help a lot !!

Assuming that your friend is working on OPT currently. Whatever rules for OPT based travel only applicable for him. His petition for H1B for the year 2015 quota, doesnt have any impact on his current OPT status till Oct 1st. Any H1 impact on him would be only from Oct1st onwards. I may be wrong but I dont know what exactly is the RISK that his H1 petitioner is spelling out here…