Status change from F1 to F2

I had to apply for status change of my wife (F1 to F2) due to funding issues. We submitted the I-539 form in august 2021, got her biometric appointment in October 2021, after that we did not hear anything back from USCIS. She is still staying USA on pending I-539.
But the problem is - I was on my initial OPT at that time, thus I put end date in I-539 as the end date of my initial OPT (july 1st 2022), keeping in mind that my status is valid for 1 year and her status is also dependent on me. But, you know, july 1st is approaching soon and I am wondering, should I submit I-539 form again as my STEM OPT got approved for another two years (07/02/2022 to 07/01/2024).

Thanks and Have a nice day.

You can simply send the copy of new EAD to the USCIS service center processing her change of status application along with a cover letter explaining why you are submitting the new EAD copy and also attach copy of her change of status I-797 receipt.


Thank you so for your valuable suggestions and I also apologize for the late reply, I was on something serious, did not get a time to sign in here.

I am wondering, can I upload the documents, you suggested to her USCIS online account, as I applied online? or I should mail them. Do you think, USCIS will update the information to her I-539 form?