Start date to apply for H1 B visa for MS student in USA

Hi, I am MS student, will graduate in this Dec. I wanted to know from which month/date I can apply for H1 visa. Lots of Desi consultant told me that they will apply my H1, there are 20K quata for MS student for F1 students, what if that there are more than 20K students?

The H1B quota opens up on April 1st 2013, so you can send your petition to USCIS only then.

When the 20,000 Master’s quota limit get filled, the other Masters degree petitions will be put into the regular quota until that gets filled too.

In addition to what Ramanan256 said, make sure you get your OPT and start working for it. You are graduating in Dec, and OPT is the only thing that allows you to continue to stay in US until April (which is when H-1 can be filed).