Standard h1b stamping ( mumbai )

Hi All ,

I got my h1b visa extended while in USA for another 3 years .
I must visit India in Nov or Dec 2021 . I understand that us consulate in Mumbai is only accepting emergency appointment or NIE .

Q 1) Is there any news about when consulate will open for standard h1b drobox ? Should I fill DS160 and keep checking for any cancelled slots ?
Is there a risk of getting 221g for a standard h1b drobox in this time of uncertainty ?

Q 2) I am currently in US . would it be a good idea to get a IN person interview ( instead of drobox ) in Mexico for standard h1b stamp on passport ?
I understand during Oct 2021 , USCIS will start issuing fresh h1b visas for 2021 applications and there will certainly be need for opening standard h1b appointment .

Frankly any inputs and/or experience on this matter will help . thanks

I am in the same boat, in the US (approved for 3 years, my 2nd visa stamping) and trying to get my H-1B stamping. I know hyderabad consulate has limited slots as of now. I filled out the Mexico visa appointment but the latest date available at Tijuana embassy is April 2022. I haven’t tried Canada though, because Canada embassies are accepting request only through invitations, check it out, and let us know here.