Stand-alone H4 ead renewal application

Spouse employer applied for h1 and h4 extension last week and we received the receipt number for h1 petition (h1 applied in premium). Employer did not agree to apply ead along with extension. H4 spouse is traveling to India in 10 days(personal emergency). We are yet to receive h4 receipt number.

  1. Will we be able to apply ead extension based on h1 receipt number ?
  1. Or is it better to apply for ead renewal after return ( h4 spouse current stamped visa and ead will be valid for 20 more days during return time)
  2. Will h4 and ead renewal application go abandoned when h4 travels out during renewal process ?
  3. In the groups people have written about sending updates i94 to uscis upon return for ead renewal.anyone have done this process who can share experience ?
    (We do not have a drop box appointment for h4 and highly likely that we will not be getting also. So traveling with an assumption that based on h1‘s stamped visa will get an extended i94 at POE) .
    H4 spouse is employed and would need i9 verification post return.

I replied to your post on another forum.