Stamping in Toronto for new employer with expired H-1 stamp from previous employer


I switched jobs on H-1, the transfer with extension went thru and I have I-797 and I-94 to that effect. I have previous employer H-1 stamp that is now expired. I am planning to go to Canada this September for a personal thing, so I have to get a visa stamp to be back in the US. I DO NOT have Master’s from US.

I have seen posts that it is not recommended to get first H-1 visa stamping without a US/Canada Master’s degree. But in my case, I do have previous employer H-1 stamping.

Is it safe to apply for H-1 Visa stamping in Toronto?


Its safe AFAIK, H1 depends on employer background, ur background and all relevant docs…

If everything is fine, u r good to go