Stamping H4 and COS to F1

  1. I am currently on H4 visa in the US. My H4 visa extension has been approved until Jul2023 but hasnt been stamped yet as I did not get a chance to travel.
  2. I plan to travel to India In Dec this year and apply for F1 visa. Can I book an appointment for H4 stamping as well as F1 visa new application simultaneously?
    As there are chances that F1 visas are rejected, I just want to be safe and get my H4 visa stamped so that I can still return to US in case of F1 reject.
  3. Please suggest if it possible to get H4 stamping and a new F1 visa appointment at same time. If not, what is the best possible way to solve my issue?

No, it is not suggested as it creates conflict of interest and consular officer may question your intent…
H4 to F1 stamping is tricky as you are moving from Dual intent visa to Nonimmigrant visa, so can be risky. Read below
There is no shortcut here, you need to take a conscious choice and understand the risks.