Stamping delay if H1B approval done via premium processing?


I got my H1B approved by USCIS while I was in the US. It took less than a week. However, I appeared for my H1B stamping interview at the New Delhi consulate on Feb 5 and although the visa officer said that my visa is approved and I should be getting my passport in a week, I haven’t still received it after 3 weeks. I am not sure what’s the cause of this delay. Could the stamping delay be because my H1B approval was done very quickly in the US (because I opted for premium processing), and they are taking longer to verify things at the time of stamping?

It’s just a guess but are there people who had a similar experience?


It is not related to the time taken during petition processing.

They might be doing some administrative processing (getting clearance, background checks, PIMS etc) which can take time (anywhere from few weeks to several months).