Stamping 1 week before the 90 days


yesterday (25/6) i went for stamping and the visa was accepted, i should get it within a week.

But i have just known about the 90 days rule :(

no one in the embassy of my country told me about that, also my employer didn't mention that.

according to this rule i should apply for the stamping on 3 July, but i applied yesterday (which is about a week differenc )

Some of my friends asked their employers and they told him it doesn't matter...

is this a new rule? or it is a country/embassy specific one ? as according to this question ([]( my embassy should have mentioned that to me.

should i call the embassy asking them to delay the stamping few days ?

also what will happen if the issue date on my visa was like 27/6 ( 5 days difference) ? does that mean the visa become invalid ????


There is a 90 day rule. It seems the visa officer didn’t pay attention to it and processed the visa. If its approved, then you don’t need to do anything and just consider yourself lucky.

Here is the official rule: [](

See page 18