Stamped H1b from Previous employer and approved I797 do I need Re stamping

I have a stamped H1B Visa from a consulting company in US for which I have never worked , I am currently working for a company in india I have transferred my H1b Visa to my current employer in india and have a approved I 797 from my current employer in India and stamped H1B from my previous US employer do I need to get the H1B Restamped before travelling to US or I can enter US using the same previously H1B stamped visa and the approved I 797 from the employer in India.

Two options

  1. if you can get current employement letter from your previous employer, you can use that if the Immigration officer ask you at your US port of entry. But if your previous employer is not issuing such letter/non cooprative/ revoked your previous H1 be approval, then you cant enter into US with your old petition.

  2. Get the new employer H1 tranver stamped and enter in US with it. (Safe bet)