SSN system says name mismatch even all documents has valid name (I94, VISA, Passport, Petition Approval Notice)


I have applied SSN, still I haven’t get my SSN. So yesterday, I have went to SSN office and check the status on it. They says still my SSN application requires the validation on my name.

I also checked with SSN officer that do I need to go for USISC or Home Land Security to resolve this issue. They requested me to wait for one or few more weeks on this and they states that no further action required on my side.

Also, they have verified all My Documents like (I94, VISA, Passport, Petition Approval Notice) all this documents has same name and there is no issue with it. When they try to enter in system it states that there is mismatch in My name.

All the document has same name as mentioned below.

First/Given Name : XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX (17 Characters)


Can you help me on right direction on this to get my SSN soon.

Note: One thing I noticed in SSN system First Name is allowing only 16 characters whereas my name contains 17 characters.

Thanks in advance…

Hi, even i am having the same problem. in my i94 there is no space between the words so the ssn office person said that we will accept the name which is in i94. so i am expecting no space between the words in my first name in my ssn card too. but in all my educational certificates and in passport there is a space in b/w two words of my first name(17 characters including space). will there be any problem in the future?? please help me with this