SSN not issued for H4 to H1 needed urgently


Help needed URGENTLY.

My H1B was approved on Oct2nd 2012.

My husband’s H1B extension and My H4 was approved on Oct19th 2012 extension.

I went to SSN office for applying SSN on Oct29th 2012 and they said it is still showing as H4.So couldn’t apply.

I don’t know the exact reason why it is on H4?Is it because of my recent H4 approval?

What can I do now? Can anybody please help me.

Yes,it might be because of the recent H4 approval. You cannot be on two status at a point of time. So it must show you to be on H4 based on the recent approval. Its kind of tricky, check with a good immigration lawyer.

Hello Raniraj,

I am in the exact same situation now as you were last year. Can you let me know how you resolved your case? Please reply back.