SSN for L2 Visa Holders

Hi, I am on L2 visa, and with the recent USCIS notification, i am eligible to work in the US without an EAD. My latest I-94 has my status as L2S which makes my I-94 my work eligibility document.

My question is that now that I can work, it is also possible for me to apply for SSN? If yes, what all documents I need to have to apply.

I did write to SSN issuing authority, but the response was vague.

I will be grateful if someone can share their experience if they were in a similar situation.

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Yes you will need SSN for employment otherwise your employer can’t pay you.

Below form is used for application and has all the information.

You will need to apply at the SSN office located in your city. Just google and you should be able to find the office address. Also you might have to take an appointment first due to covid restrictions if your office follow any.

Thanks for the reply and information, Kalpesh.

Hello, when I got my i94 L2s, I went and applied for SSN, it’s been almost one month I have not received my SSN… documents required to apply for SSN are your passport, updated i94, marriage certificate, your spouse i94…

You can follow-up at the local SSN office where you applied.

Were you able to get SSN on L2 visa and which all documents did you provide.