SSN Denial Letter for H4 Spouse

My spouse has recently had her F2 to H4 change of status approval after more than a year of wait. Now she is planning to renew her driver’s license which has expired a while ago. However, she needs a Social Security denial letter for the RMV.

Has anyone successfully obtain the SSN Denial letter from Social Security? When she called Social Security, they said they’re operating by appointment only and don’t offer appointment for denial letters…

We’re in Massachusetts.
P.S. No H4 EAD/not eligible for one.

Sorry to hear that your state RMV has such a ridiculous requirement. H4 status in itself do not qualify for SSN and of course RMV knows about this but still need a letter!

Did you check with them if they accept ITIN instead of SSN?

No they don’t accept ITIN. The requirement is precise - proof of SSN or a denial letter. We’ve got these letters multiple times pre-pandemic, but now The Social Security seems to have artificial barriers to obtain the letter.