SSN and Payroll issues on H1b

Hi All,

I got my visa approved and moving to US for first time through an EMployer . As i have to search for a project over there my employer said that they need not run payroll till i get my SSN which may take a month . Is that true employer need not run payroll or pay taxes till SSN is generated .


Some companies use this as a way to not pay you salary. The correct ones will pay you the back wages in the 2nd month once you get your SSN. Ask your employer if they will pay the 1st month salary as back wages once you get your SSN.

Thanks Saurabh for your answer . I am ok if they dont pay me on bench initially as its an open secret . Will there be any problem if they dont run back wages in the future .

If you do any immigration action now or in near future (like H-1 extension/transfer, H-4 stamping/extension) then you can run into issues b/c of missing wages. As time progresses and you start getting paid, chances of running into issues becomes less. But USCIS or consulate can still ask for those payslips in future.

In addition, your W-2 for the year will be for a lower amount and that will always stay w/ you. An officer w/ sharp eye can easily notice that W-2 is less than LCA amount implying you weren’t paid.