Spouse Travel on B1/B2 while husband is on L1

Hi, Both me and my wife currently hold valid B1/B2 visa and have been to US in 2013 (for 3 months). However my company is asking me to apply L1 visa for my next trip to US. Do I also need to apply L2 visa for my wife if I intend her to accompany me this time as well or she can travel on her existing B1/B2 visa with me being on L1?? Also I have a small kid now (1year 2months), what Visa category can I apply for her?

She should travel on L-2 and not B-1/2 if she wants to accompany you as family. If she enters on B-1/2 then she would have to leave within few months vs if she enters on L-2 she can stay for as long as you are inside US on L-1.

The kid also needs L-2 visa.

Thank you very much for the response. Just small a query, will you suggest the same if duration of my stay in US is 3 months or less?

Yes, I would still recommend L-2 as the L-1 spouse is in US. Most of the risk is associated with L-1 stamping and not L-2. So it should be ok for spouse to appear for L-2 along w/ L-1 visa holder.