Spouse needs H4 stamping, does she need updated I797 or just my approved I797

Me and my wife had H1b & H4 respectively. Both of our visas were stamped with employer A and were expired. My i797 was renewed.

Last month i went to india and got my visa stamping done and now its in employer B name.

My wife’s i797 is not done with my current employer(B) and now she needs to get her stamping done.

  1. Does she need a i797 or she can just use my latest i797 and get it stamped with employer B.

  2. If i need to get i797 from employer B, can i get it premium processed ? are the additional charges same as H1b($1200?)

  3. Do you forsee any complication as i am not physically present to help/answer any queries in the consulate?

Thanks in advance