Spouse Name Change

Hi All,

I need details on below queries, please help.

– I have to go to VISA interview on 20th Oct.
– I have Appointment Confirmation letter, which has fee details as my name and my wifes name before marriage.
– Now we have got her new passport with name change.
– Her earlier DS160 form has name before marriage.

– Do I have to fill again DS160 with new name changes?
– While booking the appointment I have give the DS160 details of earlier one, which is her name before marriage. Now do we have update that as well. If yes how can I do it?

Please help me with this if anyone have gone through same situation.

Thanks in advance.

you should fill a new DS-160 and contact the ustraveldocs team (using live chat on contact us page on the website) to map the appointment to new DS160 number.