Spouse from different country

I need your guidance.

I am from India on l1b in USA
Employer completed PERM (EB2) and I am waiting for I140 approval.
About to get married to a girl who is Nepal citizen.
Will my wife can get greencard faster than me? because she is Nepali and queue for non-indians is short?

Yes, once your I-140 is approved, you can apply for AOS based on your spouse country of birth and your PD. If your PD is current for Nepal, you can file AOS and get GC faster.

Thanks for answering.
i was under impression that, spouse gets GC first and should become citizen before sponsoring me.
but your answer indicates that, even my PD become’s Nepal’s current and giving me GC directly.

Refer 7. Cross-Chargeability in the below link and discuss with your immigration lawyer when time comes.