Spelling mistake with my surname on I-129 document but my I-797 has correct name.


There is a spelling mistake with my surname, in my I-129 document but my I-797 has correct spelling. I have my consulate interview next week and I wanted to know, will there be any issue during my H1B interview? Does anyone have an experience which is similar to mine and has faced any issues? Please let me know.

Can you please let us know what was the outcome of this?


I couldn’t give my visa interview due to some issues. But I believe as my I-797 has the right name it will not be a problem and thats what I have heard from my friends, as they have got the approved visa. Your approved visa document should have the right name.

For me in I-797C there is one letter missing in my name, I brought up to my employer and attorney notice. I heard, it may create problem if not corrected, as I dont want to have a wrong name in my h1b visa.
How many months it took for u to get approval notice after getting picked in lottery?