Spelling mistake in Beneficiary Name in I-797C - a letter in last name is incorrect

Hi All, My employer has shared I-797C form with me and I have observed that beneficiary name has a spelling mistake. other details like DOB are correctMy case was filed on last week of March and i realized this thing after 1 month,

Visa expiring on 30th JuneI want to know-What kind of issues i can face? - Will it slow down my file movement to approval status?It would be helpful if anyone provides this information, whoever faced this issue before.

You can easily correct it by contacting your Attorney/Employer. They can easily update your name. Its quite a simple process and once done the case status would be updated usually as Name was Updated.

The correction can be done anytime. The update will not cause any delay in the processing/Approval.

Thanks for sharing information, how long it would take to get it corrected and will i get new receipt?

It just takes a couple of days to be updated. Usually the updated receipt is not shared but in subsequent communication notices, you can verify whether it’s corrected or not.

Hi, no change in status of my reciept so far, its been more than 1 month. My employer had raised service request to correct spelling and USCIS response was expected by 15th JUne but response so far.

Please ask your Attorney to follow it up with USCIS. It generally never takes this long.

can we go for stamping if there is a spelling mistake in the I-797 form just once letter is added extra? Please let me know ASAP

Hi Navaneet,

Have you corrected your name? what happen in the stamping?
I am in the same boat and need info on how to correct this and what is the impact on stamping, how long it took for you to correct it?