Spelling error to GC

My I-485 got approved on 11/05/2022, unfortunately, I noticed that my green card got an spelling error in my middle name, instead of “AL” it spelled as Ai. Thus, I submitted a I-90 application ASAP on 11/17/2022 for the replacement of my green card, correcting the error, but have not heard yet.
Given the fact that my I-485 is approved with a spelling error issue, followed by the submission of I-90 to correct the error, do you think I can use this card for my employment? while the I-90 decision is pending.
What are the possible pros and cons of using the existing green card right now?

Thank you in advance and I really appreciate your help.

If the issue was because of USCIS error, it should be okay to use the current GC for employment.

Thank you so much for your reply