Spelling correction b/n old passport with B1 & new passport


I am in a situation where my earlier passport has one extra letter in my last name and US B1/B2 visa also had same extra letter in last name. I recently renewed the passport and I have correct the last my by removing the extra letter. For this I have to submit the affidavit stating my name change.

Now I am on planned Business trip to US for 3 months, question is will there be any issue since there is single letter missing issue in my new passport?

Your quick reply will be much appreciated/


You won’t find any problem at all. As your bio-metrics are going to get matched. I had travelled with the same scenario.

I had B1 in my old passport with my father name misspelled. When I got a new passport, i corrected it. I carried both the passport (old PP with B1 visa) and new PP as well.

I was called to the secondary inspection and i was asked couple of questions. nothing to worry. But carry all the documents which you have for the name change. (They never asked me any of the documents though).

Don’t worry. Have a safe trip.

Thanks Venkatarajana, your reply really helps.

Hi Friends,
I have a valid B1/B2 visa on my old passport. I shifted for work to UAE a while back and when I did I was requested to change the spelling of my name from Mohammad to Muhammad since my degrees had Muhammad as name and passport mentioned Mohammad.
I am planning to travel to US next month and wanted to ask if it is going to become a problem when I travel.

Appreciate your advice.

Please let me know if you had any issue travelling such way. I had a single letter correction in my last name in the new passport while I have a old passport stamped with B1 Visa. I have a planned business trip in 3 weeks. Your quick reply will be much appreciated/