SOW doc needed for RFE - (vailidity date for the SOW)

Hi ,

My petition went to RFE two months ago and my company’s immigration team preparing necessary doc to respond to RFE. As per the team, we need to provide Manager letter and signed SOW for the RFE. My manager letter was provided with a validity date of more that one year. But, sow we obtained from client has validity of only three months (Q3). As per our client , they will issue SOW only by quarter over quarter. So the SOW provided wil have dated july 1st to Sep 31.

1.My query here is, what is the reason for USCIS to request for SOW?

  1. Will the validity of the SOW affects the RFE in anyways?

  2. will the SOW we have provided will be enough for the RFE?


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