SOW Can Change In H1B RFE , for Same Location

My employer filled my H1B petition in 2016 for project ‘A’ for client ‘X’.
Now, I received an RFE in 20 Sept 2017, asking for SOW, MSA, employee & Employer relationship documents.
But SOW for project ‘A’ is expired now. My manager is telling me to submit RFE response with SOW document for project ‘B’ for same client ‘X’.
Can I submit my RFE with SOW for project ‘B’ for the same client ‘X’.

Both client location is same (i. e. Within 50 miles)

Please reply, what can be done in this case. Its urgent.

It is a good idea to submit both statements if you can - clearly stating the validity dates of each document. So the Project A documentation which is now expired and the soon to be active Project B details.

Means with in same location (i.e. within 50 miles) sow can be change? with different client also, I have both client’s project sow and manager later, any others documents needed?