SOW and MSA for RFE not matching skill set


I am working for a company which has multiple projects with my client, my project is ending on november, which will extend but we dont have SOW and MSA signed yet for these. and it wont get signed until later next month and I have to respond to my RFE before that

I have 2 options currently

  1. My contract ends on November, after which i can show that I am moving to the Application Maintence contract where I will be maintaining the project I did, which is currently until december, and the final signature to extend till 2018 is pending ( I can try to get some letter from client as well, talking about the possible extension)

  2. the second option i have is show my contract ends on November, and I move to a different project, which doesn’t match a lot with my skill set which is until August 2016, and then move application maintence post that.

please suggest which one is better, If USIS is not bothered about matching skill sets, I would want to go for 2nd option